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Poisonous Birds – Warm Jets | Audiotree INT’L

Intrinsically hard to place musically, Poisonous Birds are perhaps best described as art rock meets electronica meets post-rock. An inspiring mix, both highly emotive and naturally intellectually instinctive.

The electronically-influenced group, in their own words, take more inspiration from the visual arts than music. Their live performances take the form of improvisational collages, more than scripted songs. Most songs contain well over 100 tracks, subtly sampling, re-sampling, modifying as they move forward.

Uniquely, they might be the first electronic band to perform live without a laptop and with a synchronised light show. Developed over months, the band have programmed their system in Pure Data (Max MSP) running on Organelle by Critter & Guitari. This allows for unique performances each evening, but all based on the same sound sources. A heady approach but one that pays dividends, both in the live setting and on record.

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Thumbnail Photo by Sally Stenning


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