Radio Free provides quality music, news, and programming on stations across the world.
We are completely 100% advertisement and underwriting free and broadcast in a variety of different languages.

A Community Radio Station
Community radio should be representative of the community it serves. Community is at the heart of our programming, so much so that we offer the opportunity for anyone to submit a show for broadcast. By giving people a direct voice within their community, content is relevant and varied demographics are empowered.

An International Voice
Bridging the gap between the local voice and the international conversation, Radio Free decentralizes its approach to news by working with small communities very closely. Community members can create content for local broadcasts that may be chosen for international syndication. Our award winning programming strengthens this gap by reporting on issues other news bureaus avoid.

Free and Accessible for Everyone
There is a significant correlation between the amount of arts activity in a community and community stability. By providing a free service to the world that is unsponsored by corporations and advertising we can get people thinking and working together in their local communities as well as internationally.  Connecting sociologically aware people through the power of a free medium of expression helps not only the local communities but the world as a whole.

Why Support Radio Free?
Making a financial contribution to Radio Free helps ensure the free flow of unedited, un-interrupted, un-sponsored information.  By obtaining 100% of our budget from individual donations and foundation grants, programming is always unrestricted by corporate sponsors.  We do not accept any corporate underwriting, advertising, or government support.  This allows us to report on any subject without fear we will lose ad revenue in doing so.  Your support is vital to sustain and expand Radio Free.

By pledging only $50/year or $5/month your contribution will sustain the efforts of Radio Free to bring quality news, music, and programming to the world for free.