Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Took Out $19 Million in Puzzling Real Estate Loans

Paul Manafort, the former Donald Trump campaign manager who resigned over his lobbying work in the Ukraine for pro-Russian government, has taken out over $19 million in home equity loans in New York City in the past five years, in an escalating series of transactions that include one particularly large and unusual loan from a […]


Mizue Aizeki on Criminalizing Immigrants

MP3 Link This week on CounterSpin: Early morning deportation raids are stoking fear in immigrant communities, pulling parents from children and shipping people who’ve lived in the US for decades to places they don’t remember. Donald Trump talks about rounding up “drug lords” and murderers, but not only is that not who is being targeted, […]


From Standing Rock to the Red Power Movement: New Series “RISE” Focuses on Indigenous Resistance

We speak with the filmmakers behind RISE, a new VICELAND series that examines indigenous resistance past and present, from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation’s resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline to “Red Power,” which looks at past indigenous resistance and the evolution of the Red Power Movement. Michelle Latimer is a Toronto based filmmaker, programmer, […]


The Student-Built Website That Keeps Government Climate Data Safe

It wasn’t long after President Trump took office that chaos took hold at the US Environmental Protection Agency. Throughout his campaign, Trump had promised to get rid of the agency, leaving just “little tidbits left.” He wasted little time. Out of the gate, Trump’s transition team was set to remove former President Barack Obama’s Climate […]


Weirdo Machine – Something Inside

Weirdo Machine – Something Inside – from the 2016 self-released EP EP1.

Michelle Rodino-Colocino, Caitlin Remmel, Charlotte Hill O’Neill, and Alexander Reed Ross

February 24, 2017 The program opens with an update on the general strike of February 17, with organizer Michelle Rodino-Colocino (the program was recorded that day). A summary of recent underreported stories follows, then Caitlin Remmel speaks about Brand New Congress, a campaign intended to field citizen-responsive candidates in every House district in 2018. Next, […]

Donald Trump’s Remarks Signal He Could Start a New Nuclear Arms Race

Donald Trump’s declaration on Thursday that “if countries are going to have nukes, we’re going to be at the top of the pack,” flew in the face of decades of U.S. efforts to negotiate cautious, mutual reductions in nuclear arsenals around the world. Trump’s comments to Reuters essentially invited other nuclear powers to escalate their capabilities, and has […]


Minnesota, Arizona latest states to advance anti-protest bills through GOP-dominated legislatures

As protests and public dissent in the U.S. swell to levels not seen since the Vietnam war, some state legislatures are considering draconian anti-protest laws. This week, lawmakers in Arizona and Minnesota advanced measures that would penalize certain types of civil disobedience. Jared Goyette reports from Minneapolis. Download Audio Amid cries of “Shame!, Shame!” a […]


Trump's Anti-Trans Action Affects Way More Than Bathroom Access

People gather outside of the White House in Washington during a protest against Donald Trump’s plan to rescind anti-discrimination protections for transgender students, on February 22, 2017. (Photo: Al Drago / The New York Times) Yesterday, the Trump administration rescinded Title IX guidance on how schools could avoid unlawful discrimination against transgender students. The joint […]


Trump Didn’t ‘Revoke’ Protections for Trans Students–Because He Can’t

Trump does not actually have the power to “withdraw federal protection for transgender students” unilaterally. If you’re concerned that someone has authoritarian tendencies, the worst thing you can do is treat them like they have the power to rewrite the law. Yet that’s what many media outlets did in reporting on Donald Trump’s withdrawal of […]