Radio Free helps support communities across the globe by allowing open access for anyone to broadcast their message. If you have an existing radio program or want to create one, we’re here to help.  In the tabs on the left you will see our easy step by step guide to creating, publishing, and submitting your radio show to Radio Free.

We currently offer two options for curating a show for broadcast.  You can choose to record your show and submit it to us via a Podcast or, alternatively, you can submit a Spotify playlist for broadcast.  If you require something more, please email us –

How to record and upload a podcast.

1. Download Mixlr for free at
2. Use Mixlr to record and create your show.
3. Make an AudioBoo Account for free at
4. Go to and (in the top right corner of the page) click Me and then select Edit Profile.
5. Half way down the page click Add under the My Connections tab
6. Link your AudioBoo account to your Mixlr account
7. You must click “Save Changes” at the bottom of your “Edit Profile” page after linking your accounts.
8. Once your show is complete go to and find your episode in the Show Reel.
9. On your show click Export and then select, Export to AudioBoo
Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 8.48.13 PM
6. Once your show has uploaded to AudioBoo, copy the link to the RSS Feed and submit that to us in the “Submit Your Show” tab on this page.

How to make a playlist in Spotify.
1. Click New Playlist on the left then name your playlist.
2. Drag and drop songs from anywhere in Spotify into the playlist to add them.
3. Right-click your Playlist and choose Copy HTTP Link … Then submit that to us in the “Submit Your Show” tab on this page.

Submit your show: