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As mayor of Moscow for 18 years (1992-2010), Yury Luzhkov oversaw the Russian capital’s transformation from a drab Soviet city into an often garish modern capital.

A former Soviet official with a passion for construction, Luzhkov steered the city’s enormous bureaucracy for 18 years, earning a reputation as one of the country’s most influential political players.

But he had a sudden fall from grace in 2010 when he was dismissed by the Kremlin, which said it had lost trust in him.

Luzhkov entered politics in the 1970s, serving as a deputy in a local district council in Moscow and, later, as a deputy in the Moscow city council and in senior positions in city government.

Russian officials and state media said Luzhkov died on December 10 at a Munich hospital, where he was reportedly undergoing heart surgery. He was 83.