JVP Says Trump Is Bad for the Jews

WASHINGTON – TRUMP IS BAD FOR THE JEWS reads the back page of The Hill on Thursday, December 19th, in an ad posted by Jewish Voice for Peace. 

The fight continues against the authoritarian Executive Order President Trump signed a week ago, which claims to fight antisemitism, but in reality censors criticism of Israel, and targets student organizers for justice and equality in Israel/Palestine. Three days before issuing the Executive Order, Trump was accused of reciting a series of antisemtic tropes about Jews, money and business practices to a large audience in Florida.

The ad was paid for by a grassroots fundraising efforts, with average donations of $33 per person.

Rabbi Alissa Wise, acting co-Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace: “We ran this advertisement so that every member of Congress knows we’re not fooled – Trump doesn’t care about Jewish safety. He routinely engages in antisemitic tropes that serve to embolden his white supremacist base, reduces Judaism to support for Israel, and uses antisemitism as a tool to attack Palestinians advocating for basic rights and freedom. We’re not fooled, and we’re fighting back!”

Cecelia Halle, senior at George Washington University and JVP member: “Trump’s posturing isn’t making me or any Jewish student safer – but it will endanger the freedom of speech on college campuses. This Executive Order has only one goal: Silence Palestinians and the growing movement for Palestinian rights. But Trump’s vastly underestimated the courage of students across the country – we won’t be silenced in our criticism of Israel and our support for Palestinian freedom!”


There’s no way around it. No ads. No billionaires. Just the people who believe in this mission and our work.

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Beth Miller, Government Affairs Manager of Jewish Voice for Peace: “Through this Executive Order, the President has cemented into law what he knew could never pass through a democratic process: using antisemitism as a weapon against Palestinians and Palestinian rights activists. During this moment of very real, terrifying antisemitism coming from white nationalists and the White House, we need Congress to catch up and finally speak out. Trump is bad for the Jews, he is bad for Palestinians, he is bad for free speech.”

JVP staff, students and members of the JVP Academic Advisory Council are available for comment 

Attached: Full-color advertisement featured on the back page of the December 19, 2019 edition of The Hill


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