Oh Yeah


His legacy. Photo by Doug Mills/New York Times

And there was much rejoicing in the land: Impeachment, or what Twitter dubbed Impeachmas, is here. To GOP Rep. Drew Ferguson, it was “this whole flippin’ goat rodeo.” To Dems, it was “a democracy-defining moment,” and a heartfelt tribute to Elijah. To many of us, it was a blessed glint of light in a dark, dark tunnel. Trump, meanwhile, had run away to a hate rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he boasted about drawing 40,000 people to a 6,500-person arena and wildly ranted for almost two hours – Lisa Page, Crooked Hilary, impeaching Obama, invisible planes, hot pilots, toilets, dishwashers, “how badly was Flint?” – in what the great Daniel Dale called his weirdest, meanest, most lyingest event yet: “Very little of what he is saying is true.” Trump also chastised security people for not beating up a female protester, and insulted Michigan’s beloved John Dingell in what would be a new low if there weren’t too damn many of them to keep count. So much alternative winning. On impeachment, Trump charged, “Democrats have branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame.” Um, no, that would be you. Hallelujah.



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Portland, Maine, the night before impeachment. Twitter photo.

His creepy-ass response to impeachment. A republic if we can keep it.

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