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Well, Rudolph Giuliani just can’t seem to quit. Even though President Trump has been getting impeached for selling out U.S. foreign policy for his own political gain, Rudy is still messing around in Ukraine and being as brash as ever.

Remember when Rudy was a calming voice of unity about a hundred years ago on September 11th? How did he go so far down the conspiracy and corruption rabbit hole? Maybe the new mantra for narcissists like Rudy and Trump is to never back down, never retire and just keep going until you are incarcerated. One can only hope.

Giuliani has a long and storied career that is particularly slimy, even before he started looking for dirt on the Bidens in Ukraine. He appears to be Trump’s twin when it comes to ranting and conspiracies. Who knows, maybe they can be cellies someday! 


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