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WASHINGTON – Following tonight’s Democratic presidential primary debate in Iowa, PFAW Executive Director for Policy and Program Marge Baker released the following statement:

“In these final days before the Iowa caucuses, voters want to know that presidential candidates understand that virtually everything they promise on the campaign trail could be canceled by Trump’s judges. Candidates need to have a plan to identify fair-minded constitutionalists for federal court nominations and to ensure that those individuals are confirmed, or none of the very promising agendas they are advancing will succeed. We are disappointed that moderators did not raise the issue of courts at this evening’s debate. That makes it all the more important that we will address the issue at this Sunday’s forum in Des Moines, when candidates will address a range of topics related to democracy, justice and fair courts.”

People For the American Way is a co-sponsor of the We The People 2020 democracy forum scheduled to take place in Des Moines at 3 pm Central time on Sunday, January 19, moderated by HuffPost’s Amanda Terkel and Kevin Robillard. Livestream will be available here:

Press may RSVP to attend the forum in person here:


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