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We are proud to announce our fifth annual Diversity Scholarship program. ProPublica will be sponsoring need-based scholarships for 20 students to attend an eligible journalism conference in 2020. Anyone who is a U.S. resident is welcome to apply. We especially encourage students from an underrepresented group — including people of color, women, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities — to apply.

The $750 scholarships will go to students who would otherwise be unable to attend. These conferences offer great opportunities for networking and professional development, especially for those just starting out in journalism. Scholarship recipients will also have the opportunity to meet up with any ProPublica staff also in attendance. Check out last year’s scholarship recipients.

        <p data-pp-blocktype="copy" data-pp-id="3.0"><strong>You can apply for the scholarship <a href="">here</a>. The deadline is Feb. 7.</strong></p>

                    <aside class="ad-300 hide-lg"><!-- /2219821/Mobile_Leaderboard --></aside><p data-pp-blocktype="copy" data-pp-id="5.0">Students will be able to select a conference as part of their application. They will have the following options:</p>

Every year, we share what ProPublica is doing to increase the diversity of our newsroom and of journalism as a whole. These scholarships are a small but important step to help student journalists from underrepresented communities take advantage of everything these conferences offer.

High school, college and graduate students are welcome to apply. You must be a student at the time of application, but it’s OK if you’re graduating this spring.

Questions about the application process? Want to contribute to our scholarship fund to send more students to these conferences? Get in touch with Caroline Chen at



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