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USMCA Is Bad for Climate and Food Safety

WASHINGTON – During Tuesday night’s Democratic Presidential candidate debate, candidates discussed the Trump administration’s U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Food & Water Action has opposed USMCA from the start because of disastrous food safety rollbacks and a complete failure when it comes to mitigating climate change, air, and water pollution.


p align=”center”>In response, Mitch Jones, Policy Director Food & Water Action said:

“Any trade deal that thwarts food safety standards and encourages dirty energy use is a one-way ticket to climate disaster. Elected officials in America are charged with protecting consumers against cheap and unsafe imported food, contaminated water, and public health threats. USMCA ransacks protections on all three fronts.

“Under USMCA, chemical companies would get to keep vital data about pesticides secret. The proposed deal locks in new equivalency measures that enshrine known food safety risks while also globalizing paper-based food safety deregulation that could last for decades.

“America needs a leader who will intervene on deals like this that could lead to our children eating contaminated deli meat. Every leader in this country, especially one who wants to be our President, must oppose USMCA in the name of a healthy future.”


Common Dreams

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