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WASHINGTON – Americans expect and deserve federal agencies that are able to do their jobs free of White House intimidation. Today’s GAO report is a simple interpretation of the law, stating that the White House broke the law by withholding congressionally mandated military aid for Ukraine. But it took courage to issue that report in the face of a disturbing pattern of intimidation and retribution that the Trump Administration has unleashed against any and all critics.

We hope that the courage shown by GAO today will encourage others in government to stand up to the bullying tactics regularly utilized by the Trump Administration. We hope that courage will extend to Republicans the United States Senate in the coming weeks as they hold President Trump’s impeachment trial. To date the vast majority of Senate Republicans have served as Trump apologists parroting hollow White House talking points. We strongly urge GOP Senators to hold a fair and transparent impeachment trial calling witnesses from the President’s inner circle and weighing all the available evidence before rendering judgement. History and the American people will be watching.

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