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GLOBAL – The World Economic Forum is kicking off in Davos, while the youth and the climate movement keep sending the same loud and clear message: we need to act on the climate emergency now, before it is too late. 

May Boeve, Executive Director of, issued the following statement:

“Those most responsible for the climate crisis in the first place are gathered at the World Economic Forum. Together, banks and pension funds present in Davos hold US$1.4 trillion in fossil fuel companies. The presence of Greta and the other school strikers should be a short circuit to business as usual and a spark to shift that mammoth amount of money.

Because of the power and the money represented at Davos this week, we’ve seen  temperatures rising year on year with devastating effect. Climate impacts like burning fires and horrific floods should have moved governments to act but these wealthy people have acted like a wall to any action. Greta, and the movement around her, is breaching that wall. It is because of the power of these young activists that took to the streets in their millions that these few billionaires are now feeling the urgency of tackling climate breakdown .

The message of these teenagers is at Davos because it is everywhere. Everywhere we are done with empty promises, doubt and denial from those who profit from climate breakdown. As we enter the new decade, we need the world to know that the fossil fuel era is over. The financiers and industry leaders would be wise to see the writing on the wall and get out of this toxic industry in their own self-interest, if not in the interest of the planet as a whole.”


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