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WASHINGTON – Today the Trump administration announced the replacement of the Obama-ear Waters of the United States regulations with new rules that drastically reduce the federal government’s ability to monitor and regulate high volumes of pollution into much of the nation’s waterways. In response, Food & Water Action Director of the Food & Water Justice Program issued the following statement:

“Simply for the sake of corporate factory farm and fossil fuel profits, President Trump has stripped away the common-sense ability of the federal government to monitor and protect our nation’s precious waterways from reckless development and exploitation. From our critical wetlands to our mightiest rivers and lakes, virtually any body of water in America could be seriously harmed and forever destroyed by Trump’s unconscionable decision. But make no mistake: This fight is not over. We will pursue every conceivable avenue, including lawsuits in federal court, to ensure that this foolish, malicious environmental rollback will be overturned. After all, there is nothing more important to life in this country than clean water.”