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An Iranian passenger airliner ended up on a highway after reportedly skidding off the runway during a hard landing in southwestern Iran.

None of the 135 passengers on board the Caspian Airlines flight was hurt in the January 27 incident in the southwestern city of Mahshahr, officials say.

The McDonnell Douglas jet was flying from Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport.

The semiofficial ISNA news agency quoted civil aviation spokesman Reza Jafarzadeh as saying the plane skidded off the runway at 7:50 a.m. local time.

He added that an investigation had been launched.

A state TV reporter traveling on the plane said the aircraft’s “back wheel had broken off, as we saw it was left on the runway.” He said that the plane had been skidding with no wheels before it ground to a halt on the highway.

The state-run IRNA news agency, citing local aviation officials, said a technical issue delayed the plane’s landing, which caused the accident.

Iran has a poor aviation safety record, with U.S. sanctions preventing the country from modernizing its aging fleet.

On January 25, an Iranian passenger plane headed from Tehran to Istanbul was forced to make an emergency landing in Tehran due to a technical problem.

There were no injuries reported.

With reporting by the BBC, Reuters, and AP