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The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has advised World Athletics, global track and field’s governing body, to expel Russia’s athletics federation (RUSAF) from the global federation over widespread doping and cover-up offenses.

The independent doping watchdog unit of the sport’s governing body said Russia furthermore had displayed a “total lack of contrition” for years of pervasive doping violations.

In a statement, the AIU made recommendations “to consider imposing the severest possible consequences,” including “expulsion of RUSAF from the membership of World Athletics.”

The recommendations were made after the AIU reviewed RUSAF’s response to violations of anti-doping rules in November. Russia has been banned from athletics competitions since 2015 for the offenses.

The watchdog noted that previous sanctions had failed to deter RUSAF from committing more offenses and called for the World Athletics council to keep in place the suspension of the authorized neutral athletes from Russia.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP