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President Vladimir Putin has dismissed the governor of the Russian region of Chuvashia, Mikhail Ignatyev, who has faced harsh criticism recently for his public behavior.

The Kremlin said on January 29 that Putin relieved Ignatyev of his duties due to a “loss of trust.”

Lawmaker Oleg Nikolayev was immediately appointed Chuvashia’s acting governor, according to a decree signed by Putin.

On January 28, the ruling United Russia party expelled Ignatyev from its ranks.

Ignatyev sparked public criticism earlier in January by saying at a public event devoted to Press Day that “it is necessary to wipe out those journalists” who criticize the authorities.

Last week, Ignatyev faced another wave of criticism across Russia after a video was broadcast on Russian TV channels showing him making a firefighter jump to get the keys to a new fire engine at a public event in Chuvashia’s capital, Cheboksary.