Midwest Dispatch: Will Klobuchar’s Record as Prosecutor Undermine her Candidacy?

On January 29, just days before the Iowa caucuses, a group of civil rights activists gathered in downtown Minneapolis with a clear message for Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar: Drop out of the presidential race.

Klobuchar has risen in national polls lately, mostly by pitching herself as a no-nonsense moderate who is alternately tough on Republicans and willing and able to work closely with them to get things done. She projects a folksy vibe that can perhaps be described as a caricature of a loveable Midwestern curmudgeon.

Caricature or not, Klobuchar is becoming increasingly visible as a candidate, especially after The New York Times endorsed both her and Elizabeth Warren on January 19. 

Perhaps this has something to do with the machinations going on behind the scenes in the Democratic National Committee. In recent days, critics on the left have accused DNC leader Tom Perez of trying to stack “standing committees with determined anti-progressives” who will act as super delegates and thus vote for a more mainstream presidential nominee.

Joe Biden’s name rises to the top of that list, of course, but Klobuchar might just be a less