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Shot at the restauration room of Museum Speelklok during Le Guess Who? Festival in Utrecht, November 2016

Directed by Hugo Jouxtel
Sound direction by Henri D’Armancourt
Produced by Anousonne Savanchomkeo & Ondine Benetier for La Blogothèque

Le Guess Who?
Barry Spooren
Jessica Clark
Johan Gijsen
Bob van Heur
Gijs Cals

Museum Speelklok
Friedell ten Holt
Alberic Godderis
Rosalie Hazeleger

Very special thanks to Deb Bernardini at Tony Margherita Management, Chantal Neeten at Epitaph, Jessica Clark & everyone at Le Guess Who? for their precious help, Rosalie Hazeleger & everyone at Museum Speelklok restauration room for welcoming us so kindly, and Jeff Tweedy for being Jeff Tweedy.

(c) La Blogothèque 2016

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