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Time to Panic?

Well, no one can say the Democratic race for the presidency has been boring. Okay, maybe not as exciting as using the formerly-independent U.S. Department of Justice as your own personal fiefdom, but still. 

After the mayhem and disaster of the Iowa caucuses, the Democratic race has turned upside-down. It’s all about “electability,” right? Who can beat Trump? Okay, breathe deeply. Even though it’s looking like Bernie Sanders is in front-runner territory, anything can still happen. Sure, it would be nice to have a unified front against the evil and reckless Donald Trump, don’t worry, it will happen.

First, just decide who you think will make the best president. Don’t drive yourself crazy by trying to play three-dimensional electability chess up until the general election. Fortunately, there are multiple candidates who would be infinitely better than Trump. Klobuchar? Sure! Bernie? Of course! Buttigieg, Warren or Biden? Yes, yes, and yes! 

It might look a little messy right now, but don’t let cable news punditry and a unified Republican cult shake your faith in the fact that the Democrats will form a solid front against a corrupt presidency.

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