Racist AF

 So much for the recommendation to limit social gatherings to ten people
Okay, he went there. Tweeting Monday night about the lethal pandemic upon us, Trump called it “the Chinese virus,” because, really, faced with a vast global and national catastrophe, what could be more helpful – along with maybe adequate testing, social distancing and a functional health care system – than mindless racism? He had come close before, re-tweeting some MAGA moron using the term and referencing a “foreign virus” in last week’s disastrous train wreck of  a speech. Now, with growing recognition of his massive failure in leadership, he’s gone full xenophobe, paying tribute to his motto – Shake Hands and Find A Scapegoat – and thus encouraging his cult followers to start shrieking about the need to “hold China accountable.”
Listen up, you despicable, illiterate pig: The coronavirus is a virus; the disease it causes, COVID-19, is a global pandemic. Viruses don’t have nationalities. If it ever gets a valid nickname, it will be the Trump Virus. Washing your hands helps. Hating on others doesn’t. If you’re looking for someone to blame, it should be the guy who has yet to provide enough testing or resources, kept his head in the sand after being warned in December this was coming, and has otherwise largely created this clusterfuck of incompetence. From Twitter: “‘Chinese virus.’ American jackass.” And from someone heartbreakingly at her limit, who is all of us:  “There are no words to express my absolute hatred of this man. None.”

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