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Dear Progressive Readers, 

The recent coronavirus pandemic has presented, to all of us, an unprecedented crisis. We are all doing what we can to prepare for the difficult weeks and months ahead. As uncertain as things seem at the moment, we will get through this. It is imperative that we look out for one another—together we will see this through.

Here at The Progressive, we have made strategic changes to our operations. We are working remotely and doing what we can to help curb any transmission of the virus. As you can imagine, this presents a dramatic change to how we go about producing both a magazine and our online articles.

This crisis has created an unparalleled challenge for The Progressive, to which we have responded by ramping our efforts into overdrive. We have received many calls and emails from our concerned readers asking how they can help us meet this emergency. One way is with your financial support. 

We need your support, now more than ever, if The Progressive is to continue. It really is that drastic. Our publication operates on a wire-thin budget. We do not have the deep reserves that many of our peers are able to rely on.

Please take a moment to give us a hand today (in a social distancing sort of way). Online gifts are critically needed now.

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For 111 years, The Progressive has provided news, information, and solutions during our nation’s most turbulent times, including World War I, the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, the Great Depression, and World War II. It’s what we do. 

You can read all of our COVID-19 coverage here.

Stay safe, stay home, and stay informed.

In Solidarity,

Norman Stockwell, publisher


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