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My interest in staying home is not you but me
You are a possible contagion source and an end to me
But I can also easily see you back at work for the economy
Covid-19 erased with a sagacious presidential word
Don’t mind that Fauci behind the screen out of camera range
He’s of the same scientist fold that clamors about climate change
And you on bus or subway to work to expand my dividend?
Remember you took this risk thinking of me and not your end
What a small price to be paid by The Old beginning that day
April 12th chosen by our president prophesying it beautiful
So perfect when the market returns to its patriotic bullish play
So what if our Leader at center stage repeats absurdities
Spewing from gut to mouth sure signs of his instabilities
He polls high as our champion in this pandemic
A regular old flu he declares causes no more than a slight emetic
All the missteps, delays, and failures he can again offer Obama to blame
So, years ahead only fake news will slander the Trump name
One who can shoot a man on Fifth Avenue to his followers’ applause
Can surely decree millions to die without the slightest pause.