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TASHKENT — One person was killed and at least 30 others were injured as heavy winds swept across Uzbekistan’s southwestern region of Bukhara, felling large numbers of trees.

Regional health authorities said on April 28 that the winds that hit several southern regions late the previous night lasted for more than four hours and cut off electricity and natural-gas supplies to at least 140,000 households.

Wind speeds reached up to 90 kilometers per hour, the State Meteorology Center said.

The Emergency Situations Ministry said that winds also caused damages in the southern regions of Navoiy, Samarkand, and Qashqadaryo.

According to the ministry, a government commission has been established to assess the damages and rescue teams are working in the affected regions.

The winds also caused damages in the eastern city of Turkmenabat in neighboring Turkmenistan.

RFE/RL’s correspondents report from that city that the winds and heavy rain peeled off roofs from houses and apartment blocks, and uprooted trees.

There was no official statement on the extent of the damages.