Operation Photo Op

And here I thought we wouldn’t have troops on the street until closer to the election. The George Floyd protests have laid bare the underlying horriffic racism that has marred the United States throughout our history. Of course, Donald Trump is definitely not the guy we want in office to help heal our country’s racial wounds.

A perfect storm of Trumpism happened when the administration ordered police and military forces to violently clear peaceful protesters from Lafayette Park next to the White House, just so Trump could make a show of holding a Bible in front of St. John’s Church. The president finally behaved like one of the autocrats he admires. He’s a wannabe strongman who unfortunately just showed us he has the tools to be an actual strongman.

But it’s not just Trump, Attorney General William Barr, Jared Kushner, and Mark Esper are all complicit in this attack on our democracy and their actions should not be laughed off as just “Trump being Trump.” In the United States this sort of thing is illegal, I only hope our laws catch up with this band of criminals bent on undermining our democracy.

Stay safe, keep fighting for racial justice, and watch out for troop deployments.

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