Headlines for June 8, 2020

In Columbus, Ohio, an investigation has been launched into the death of 22-year-old protester Sarah Grossman, who died soon after getting pepper-sprayed at a protest. This comes as reports of police violence against protesters continue to pile up. A warning to our TV audience: We’re about to show graphic images of police violence.

In Indiana, 21-year-old Balin Brake lost his right eye after a police officer fired a tear gas canister directly into his face at protest in Fort Wayne. In Texas, 26-year-old Brandon Saenz lost his left eye and seven teeth, and fractured his skull, after a Dallas police officer shot him in the face at close range with an unknown projectile.

In La Mesa, California, 59-year-old grandmother Leslie Furcron was filming a Facebook Live video of a protest when she was shot between the eyes by a bean bag round fired by police.

Protester: “What’s wrong with her? Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Are you OK, ma’am? Are you OK?”

Furcron was hospitalized in an ICU and placed in a medically induced coma.

Meanwhile, the two Buffalo police officers who last week assaulted Martin Gugino, a 75-year-old demonstrator, violently pushing him to the ground, have been charged with felony assault. Gugino is a longtime peace activist who has been attending protests for racial justice and many other causes for years. His representatives said over the weekend he is in serious but stable condition. Fifty-seven police officers from Buffalo’s Emergency Response Team quit the special unit following the suspension of the officers last week.

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