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Protesters say enough is enough. Getty Image

George Floyd was finally laid to rest Tuesday next to his mother in Houston after an impassioned funeral service that laid bare the historic systemic racism and longtime police violence that killed him. On the same day, amidst ongoing protests, police committed their 442nd documented – never mind the God-knows-how-many that remain undocumented – act of brutality in response: In Tampa, FL, police shot a protester in the back of the head with a rubber bullet, then opened fire on the nurse and Air Force Medic offering her first aid. The documentation comes from Greg Doucette, a North Carolina defense attorney and Never-Trump conservative who for 15 years has been tracking cases of police brutality, which he says “angers me on a visceral level.” When the protests against Floyd’s murder burst forth, Doucette, who also produces a police-misconduct-themed podcast named Fsck ‘Em All, began posting videos of police abuse of protesters on Twitter. As the number of incidents soared, Doucette joined forces with mathematician Jason Miller; they eventually compiled the Google spreadsheet “GeorgeFloyd Protests.” To ensure public access, they also created a Google Drive with backups of all the videos. For Doucette, who grew up in Minneapolis, the  main goal is to show a too-blind populace that police abuse is not about the proverbial bad apple: “People need to understand that what they’re seeing now is *normal.* It happens several times a week, every week, every year, for years. It’s not a one-off…(It’s) a cultural rot, a sort of decay within policing in the United States.” For further grisly proof, a new mother of supercuts of savagery says it all.  

Despite this and so much more, the head of the NYPD police union views himself and his thugs as the victims:


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Rioting cops throw teargas. Photo by Minneapolis Star Tribune


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