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WASHINGTON – Last night, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell released a stimulus package, called the HEALS Act, that would protect companies and schools from legal liability associated with COVID-19. Republicans left out new funding for state and local governments and hazard pay for essential workers. The bill, which would also slash current enhanced unemployment benefits, is the Senate leadership’s response to the HEROES Act introduced by the House.’s Associate Director of U.S. Policy Natalie Mebane made the following statement in response:

“This is a disgraceful offering from Senator McConnell, who should be doing everything possible to ensure the people of this country have what we need to recover from COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic and the deepening recession it’s causing are far from over – in fact, cases are on the rise in many states across the U.S. The Senate’s bill does nothing to address the stark inequity facing Black, Indigenous, people of color, and low-income communities that face the compound crisis of COVID-19, economic and racial injustice, and the climate crisis. As unemployment skyrockets, this bill would cut off much of the support offered thus far to everyday people struggling to make ends meet. We won’t let Congress pass a giveaway to wealthy corporations while leaving our communities out to dry without a fight.”


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