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Photo: Mike Hastie.

This image was taken on July 24, 2020, when the battle was up close at the reinforced iron fence  surrounding the Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

These protesters had no respect for the U.S. Global  Empire. You can certainly see the extremely high   intensity energy in this image. Now, just imagine  how  horrendously loud this was, as a thousand   Portland protesters were yelling at the Feds to  stop occupying their city.

Twelve days before this  picture was taken, Donavan LaBella, a 26-year-old  man was standing near this fence holding a speaker over his head when he was shot in the head with a  projectile that almost killed him. A couple of days  after it happened, I photographed his blood still staining the sidewalk.

Of course, many other protesters have been seriously injured by police who use  weapons that do not justify the aggressive actions  of the protesters. As of this date ( August 19, 2020 ), the police are now using new tactics, as they charge protesters and rip off their gas masks, and beat them with batons. The police have escalated their violence, as they are trying to instill a Fear Factor of Obedience  that we may soon see in other cities, especially with the upcoming election in November.

As with me, once you get knocked down by stampeding angry police, you get teargassed and directly pepper sprayed, and have a projectile fly past you within a few feet, your academic intelligence goes   right out of the window. Your emotional intelligence tells you  that you are now an enemy of the State.

The greatest threat  to the United States Government is its own citizens. Because, once people figure out that they live in a Brutal Global Empire, they have to redefine their entire lives.

There was not one day during the Viet Nam War, that the U.S. Government did not  commit an atrocity against the Vietnamese people. The American  people will never believe this, because they are not prepared to  cry their hearts out.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said in a speech on  April 4, 1967: ” The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today  is my own government.” There is no cure for ignorance except for a  powerful empathetic epiphany.


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