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By Lena Reece in Suva

The University of the South Pacific Council has terminated the investigation into allegations of material misconduct against USP vice-chancellor and president Professor Pal Ahluwalia.

A media release from the university stated the council had considered the decision by the special executive committee, viewed all the evidence against the vice-chancellor, and came to a clear consensus that there was no indication of material misconduct.

USP vice-chancellor Professor Pal Ahluwalia said he was happy that the USP Council had cleared all allegations against him.

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Professor Ahluwalia thanked the council, especially the special executive committee, for their commitment to seek truth and justice.

The USP vice-chancellor said he was deeply humbled by the support that had been bestowed upon him and his wife and they were committed to serving the Pacific and making USP even stronger.

Lena Reece is a senior multimedia journalist with FBC News.

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