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WASHINGTON – Tonight, the U.S. Senate voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. Muslim Advocates is part of the Our Court coalition, which has been working to oppose this effort to force through a Supreme Court nomination days before the election. The following is a statement from Muslim Advocates Executive Director Farhana Khera:

“This sham confirmation vote threatens the basic rights and dignity of American Muslims and all people who care about civil rights. A Supreme Court with one Trump justice justified the Muslim Ban. One with two of them allowed the state of Alabama to execute a Muslim man without honoring his request to die with an imam by his side. I don’t even want to think about what a Supreme Court with three Trump justices will do. 

In the coming weeks, this 6-3 Court could have a say in whether American Muslims who were spied on and discriminated can hold the government accountable, and whether cities can discriminate against hopeful parents looking to adopt. Those are just two of the many important cases before the Court right now. Barrett’s confirmation is a troubling sign that these cases and more could further enshrine open discrimination and religious bigotry as the law of the land.

The Supreme Court should belong to all Americans, not ideological operatives executing yet another power grab. Rushing this nominee through just days before the last day of the election is an act of breathtaking hypocrisy that threatens democracy and the rights of ordinary people.”

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