The Closer

Joe Biden had Barack Obama as his closer on the campaign trail and President Trump has COVID-19. There are so many reasons Trump should be voted (perp-walked?) out of office but the way he handled the pandemic rises to the top of the list.

The signs were there from the start—a denial of science, resentment toward people who know more than he does and an insistence that he is the smartest guy in the room on any subject under the sun. Being complicit in the deaths of thousands of people in the United States is such a clear cut demonstration of his unfitness for office. (As is other clear-cutting in the works.)

Trump is still treating a deadly virus like it’s one of his real estate deals: bluster, lie and ignore the real numbers. Here’s hoping that the non-partisan issue of, um, surviving as a human is foremost in people’s minds when they cast their vote for president. And if that doesn’t work, hopefully remembering the Trump administration’s torturing children, corruption and white supremacy will convince voters make the correct choice.

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