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WASHINGTON – With one day left until Election Day, Community Change Action along with our partners in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada and Wisconsin have engaged more than 13.14 million voters, and made 33 million attempts. While the majority of the work to reach voters happened online, through phone calls and text messages, partners in Florida, Arizona and Wisconsin began door knocking in the final stretch. Together they knocked more than 1.5 million doors of low propensity voters. Take a look at the digital ads we’re running as part of our seven figure ad buy here

More than 92 million voters have already casted their ballots nationwide, and our voter engagement work is making the difference in key states. Black and Latina voters in our universe who did not vote in 2016, are making their votes count.

Unsurprisingly, women of color are leading the effort to elect a new administration and progressive candidates down ballot.

You can watch voters and supporters talking about why this election is critical to them here.

LUCHA, our partner in Arizona was featured in a CBS 60 Minutes segment and a Politico story about Arizona and the work they’ve done to flip the state since the passing of SB 1070 a decade ago. They talked to more than 14,500 voters on the doors. 

In Michigan, our partners reached nearly 253,000 voters. Today, they will continue their efforts to reach Black voters with an “Ain’t’ No Stopping Us Now” party at the polls in Detroit. They have trained over 400 volunteers in election protection to monitor Civil Rights violations at the polls.

FIRM Action collectively talked to nearly 200,000 voters in California,Illinois, Maine, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.

The voter contact work in Florida, Minnesota, Nevada and Wisconsin is part of the Win Justice campaign that includes Community Change Action, Planned Parenthood Votes, Color of Change PAC, SEIU, and our local partners and affiliates.


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