United Against Trump Statement on the 2020 Election

WASHINGTON – In the final days of the 2020 election, an unprecedented multiracial working-class movement is mobilizing millions of voters across the country to defeat Trump and elect Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. 

“Working-class people and young people of every race are volunteering and turning out to vote in historically high numbers,” said Natalia Salgado, Political Director of CPD Action. “That’s important because the Democratic Party has been bleeding out working-class voters for decades. We’re turning out now because our country is in crisis and we need leadership that can deliver. To be blunt, that means Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress had better deliver for working people.”

Grassroots organizations across the country, from community groups to labor unions, got to work without waiting for cues from the Biden campaign. Latinx-led organizations knocked millions of doors and made tens of millions of phone calls in battleground states like Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Youth-led organizations mobilized Gen Z and Millennials to turn out in what may be historic numbers. African American organizers and allies, from Kenosha to Philadelphia, turned protest power into electoral power, mobilizing the Black vote to defeat Trump. And across the country, in big cities and small towns alike, hundreds of union members, laid off workers and volunteers from the multi-racial working class organizations that make up United Against Trump have been reaching out to over 100 million voters.

“After the shooting of Jacob Blake, everyday Kenoshans–Black, white, and brown–were the ones who mobilized to demand racial justice and turn out voters to defeat Trump,” said Tanya McLean, a friend of the Blake family and the director of Leaders of Kenosha. “If Biden wins Wisconsin, he’ll owe it not to high-powered lobbyists and corporate Democrats, but to working people in Kenosha and across the state. And once in office, we expect him to commit to a bold agenda of racial and economic justice for our community and beyond.”

Across the country, conversations with voters center not on single issues, but on the need for bold action on multiple fronts, from the climate crisis, to the COVID crisis, to the crises of skyrocketing inequality, racial injustice, and the Republican-led erosion of democratic representation. These voters are ready to give the Democratic Party what may be its last chance to show it can not only defeat Trump, but confront the problems and policies that led to his rise. And they are particularly wary of calls for a “return to normalcy”–the rallying cry of the so-called “Never Trumpers” and organizations like the Third Way and the Lincoln Project.

“In the months ahead, we’re going to hear from a lot of the politicians who led us into this mess trying to tell Biden how to get out of it,” said Andrea Mercado, Executive Director of the New Florida Majority and part of the Florida for All coalition that recently surpassed 15 millions calls and texts to infrequent voters of color in the Sunshine State. “But the people who have been out doing the work, having real-life conversations with voters, are young people, working-class people, people of color, people who represent the heart and the future of the Democratic Party. We’re the ones who hold the blueprint to recovery and political change.” 

“Immigrant youth and our families know what’s at stake this election and we are done with Trump and his Republicans enablers. We are putting in the work to get millions of young, Latinx, and new American voters out to vote in key states and we are ready to win with a bold and progressive mandate to put people first,” said Cristina Jimenez, Co-founder of United We Dream Action PAC, which launched this year and is the largest ever voter engagement and mobilization efforts led by immigrant youth. “Our priority is to protect our community and once we have a new administration, we will push Biden-Harris to deliver on their promises and enact policies that help us all live and thrive without excluding or hurting anyone else.

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