Headlines for November 3, 2020

Today is Election Day. Over 100 million people have already voted — a record-shattering number that is more than two-thirds of the total votes cast in 2016 — with tens of millions casting their ballots today. Election officials have warned full results could take days, or possibly weeks, to be verified due to the much higher number of mail-in ballots this year. But President Trump has decried post-Election Day ballot counting and threatened to “go in with our lawyers.” On Monday, Trump claimed on Twitter that a Supreme Court ruling allowing Pennsylvania to count mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day, and received up to three days later, will “induce violence in the streets” and “rampant and unchecked cheating.” Twitter labeled the tweet with a warning that its content “might be misleading.” Reports emerged Sunday that Trump is preparing to claim victory tonight if he appears to be ahead of Joe Biden. Biden told reporters in response, “The president is not going to steal this election”.
Trump and Biden made their final pitches over the last 24 hours, with Trump traveling to four pivotal states. Both candidates spoke at rallies in Pennsylvania, where Trump has already vowed to challenge results if they are not in his favor. This is Joe Biden addressing supporters in Pittsburgh.

Joe Biden: “Tomorrow we can end a presidency that has divided this nation. Folks at home would know. Tomorrow we could put an end to a presidency that’s failed to protect the nation. Tomorrow we can put an end to a presidency that has fanned the flames of hate across this nation, pouring gasoline on every racial incident in the country.”

Biden also appeared in Ohio Monday. Trump campaigned in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, where he attacked Democrats and reiterated many of his racist attacks against immigrants.

President Donald Trump: “The open border lobbyists that killed our fellow citizens with illegal drugs and gangs and crime, they support Biden. The far-left Democrats that ruined our public schools, depleted our inner cities, defunded our police and demeaned your sacred faith and values, they support Biden. The anti-American radicals defaming our noble history, heritage and heroes, they support sleepy Joe Biden.”

Meanwhile, “non-scalable” fencing was installed around the White House Monday in anticipation of possible protests. Many businesses in New York City, Washington, D.C., and other cities have boarded up their windows, while the government center in Minneapolis was also boarded up.

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