An Alternate National Food Mandate

Here is my National Mandate. Close all fast food chains. Put orange cone road blocks on all Dunkin’ Donuts drive thrus. Ban the sale of Coke and Pepsi. The war was not between those two Colas, it was a war against the human body.

The masks mask the elephant in the room. No human being can make a potent immune system with a diet of processed food and sugar. This promiscuous virus seems to have a field day with the the obese and the immune compromised.  The national and world wide addiction to sugar presents a feeding frenzy for a virus which, like all viruses, feed on sugar. Where are the scientists and leaders who can guide the populations of the world to actually combat the virus by starving it and also by strengthening its targets? We are told to behave like boxers in a corner with our gloves up to our face as we are pummeled.

We need to resuscitate the slogan Resist and put it at the center of our actual physical bodies. The Thymus gland makes T-cells. Thymus is a Greek word for courage and anger; two strong words that will strengthen resistance.

Ireland determined recently that the rolls produced by the fast food chain Subway has too much sugar in it to be called bread. This just begins to tell the tale. Biden, Fauci and the posse of “experts” say nothing about what evolution and nature has made clear – T-cells are our Personal Protective Device. You cannot make powerful T-cells from a Big Mac, fries and Coke or a cream filled, white flour doughnut. A virus can present itself to a human body and a human body armed with healthy T-cells will most likely evict it quickly and not give it a chance to colonize and inflame. The primary exhortation from the top should be about about this aspect of human health.

Government guidance and a support stipend is the best path forward. Like Victory gardens during WWII there ought to be individual citizen project of cultivating potent health as the wall of resistance to this virus which, like a predator, will pick out the weak targets in a herd.

I can’t speak for the rest of the world but America seems to have a romance with disease. Cable stations exist to sell drugs and as they do, they romanticize disease. The wistful looks of the stricken, the sentimental music, the loving looks of spouse and family on the patient all work to make the disease seem to be a pathway to love and enlightenment and the patented drug you must take forever will keep you alive long enough to bask in this glow.  Hopefully one day we will look at these commercials the way we look at doctor recommended cigarette ads from the 1950’s we now watch on Youtube with horror and macabre amusement.

In the case of Covid we are presented with numbers and charts and interviews with beleaguered hospital workers. Experts tell us what they know and what they don’t know both ending up by the end of the interview to be useless. By omission or myopia these experts seem to be saying to all of us is,  “Eat any junk you want and live any way you care to but wear a mask and wash your hands and stay six feet apart.” This has always had the echo of six feet under – a distance that has the hint of death to it.

The ultimate infantilizing of the citizenry – mask, wash up and go to your room. Not to say that these prescriptions don’t have a place at this moment but to me, if this is all you’ve got, it smacks of impotence and surrender and a serious abdication.

Driving here in Connecticut in the morning I will pass a line at the drive thru at Dunkin’ Donuts – 20  cars long. Burger King will do “no contact delivery.” It’s not the contact that’s the real or only risk factor it’s what is being delivered. Processed, sugar laced food is like sludge in a human body and a human body can only make new cells with what it is being given. The revolution does indeed start in the kitchen.

Until the feckless and myopic experts begin to take this point as seriously as they do the mask instruction, no matter how much obedience they are able to influence, we will continue to have more spikes than the shoe franchise at a Trump golf course.

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