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On Saturday, November 7, the announcement came that Donald Trump had been defeated in Pennsylvania, making Joe Biden the President-elect. All over the nation, people poured into the streets. In Berkeley, California, they danced through the neighborhoods and out into the downtown avenues. A rally in San Francisco—originally organized by Bay Resistance and central labor councils to demand a complete counting of the ballots—became a celebration. 

Newly elected member of the Oakland City Council Carroll Fife, one of several local Democratic Socialist of America-endorsed candidates to win election, told the crowd: “This victory belongs to all of us, and we are not going to stop fighting for the things we need as workers, renters, women, and people of color.”

As hundreds of marchers moved up Market Street to the drums and trumpets of the Liberation Brass Orchestra, people laughed and cried in relief that the Trump nightmare is coming to an end.