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For those of you who make last minute charitable contributions to “good works,” here is my recommended list of really stalwart, result-oriented, no-nonsense civic advocacy groups.

You can find out yourself all they are doing with modest budgets by going to their websites. They are the lighthouses of a democratic society.

  1. Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest:
  2. Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest:
  3. Beyond Nuclear:
  4. Beyond Pesticides:
  5. Center for Health, Environment & Justice:
  6. Center for Race, Poverty, and the Environment:
  7. Children’s Advocacy Institute:
  8. Doctors Without Borders USA:
  9. Earth Island Institute:
  10. Flyers Rights:
  11. Honor the Earth:
  12. Indian Law Resource Center:
  13. Solitary Watch:
  14. Nuclear Information and Resources Service:
  15. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility:
  16. Western Organization of Resource Councils Education Project:
  17. Whirlwind Wheelchair:
  18. Veterans For Peace:


[1] Appalachia- Science in the Public Interest - Home ➤[2] Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest Homepage - Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest ➤[3] Home - Beyond Nuclear ➤[4] Home — Beyond Pesticides ➤[5][6] The Center on Race, Poverty & The Environment – Community Health, Community Power, Community Resistance ➤[7] Children's Advocacy Institute - Children's Advocacy Institute - University of San Diego ➤[8] MSF | Doctors Without Borders - USA ➤[9] Earth Island Institute ➤[10][11] Honor The Earth ➤[12] Indian Law Resource Center | Indian Law Resource Center ➤[13] Solitary Watch ➤[14] Home · NIRS ➤[15] Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility - ➤[16] WORC Education Project - WORC ➤[17] Whirlwind Wheelchair International - RoughRider All-Terrain Wheelchairs ➤[18]