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A Russian hacker who had admitted to participating in one of the largest thefts of consumer data from U.S. financial institutions, brokerage firms, and other companies, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison in New York.

The Federal Court in Manhattan on January 7 ruled that 37-year-old Andrei Tyurin will be deported to Russia after he serves his prison term.

Tyurin pleaded guilty to helping steal the personal data of more than 80 million customers of several companies, including JP Morgan Chase investment bank, Fidelity Investments, E-Trade Financial, and Dow Jones, from 2012 until mid-2015 in a hacking scheme uncovered by federal prosecutors.

At the time, the breach was described as the largest single theft of its kind.

Tyurin, a Moscow native, was extradited to the United States from the Caucasus nation of Georgia in 2018.

He is at least the fourth Russian hacker extradited to the United States from a third country to face justice for cybercrimes in recent years.