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Former Kyrgyz Prime Minister and current member of parliament Kubanychbek Jumaliev has been detained on suspicion of corruption.

The State Committee for National Security said on February 4 that Jumaliev was put in pretrial detention for two months pending an investigation.

The exact circumstances of the probe are unknown, but involve fraud and abuse of power related to licensing and property.

Jumaliev’s son and another relative of the deputy were previously detained, and then released under house arrest.

The Financial Police said they also received a complaint from a German investor alleging fraud in connection with a large sum of money.

Jumaliev has held numerous other government positions in Kyrgyzstan, including minister of transport and communications. He served as prime minister for nine months in 1998.

In 2015, he was elected to parliament for the Bir Bol party.

With reporting by Kloop


[1] Депутат Кубанычбек Жумалиев кармалып, бөгөт чарасы каралууда ➤[2] Депутат Кубанычбек Жумалиев арестован на два месяца ➤