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Last October, Project Censored cosponsored the Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas, an online academic conference examining content-censorship by tech giants, among many other media issues. The proceedings of the conference were uploaded to YouTube and utilized by scholars and media-studies instructors at various institutions. But in December, the conference’s YouTube channel disappeared, without notice or explanation. Today’s Project Censored Show examines the apparent “deplatforming” of the conference by YouTube, as well as the broader issue of media censorship by private entities such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Zoom. Guests include media scholars Nolan Higdon and Alan MacLeod.


Dr. Nolan Higdon teaches history and media studies at California State University, East Bay, and was one of the organizers 
of the 2020 Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas. See 
Dr. Alan MacLeod is a media scholar and a senior staff writer at MintPress News. He wrote an article for MintPress 
about his efforts to determine how the Media Conference material disappeared from YouTube.

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