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[Warning: Distressing visuals.]

A man identified as Shringi Yadav was arrested from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh after a video of him mercilessly beating a Muslim boy for drinking water from a temple emerged on social media. Soon after, several social media users posted two images that show a boy with grave injuries on his body. “Muslims keep in mind that if you ever feel thirsty or hungry visit mosque, madrasa, gurudwara, church or hotel. Never visit a temple, where they practise untouchability towards people from Hindu community like Dalits,” wrote a user.

(Translated from Hindi text मुसलमानों सीख लो अगर कभी भूख और प्यास लगे मस्जिद मदरसा गुरुद्वारा चर्च होटल मैं चला जाना कभी मंदिर में मत जाना यह लोग तो खुद जो हमारे दलित भाई हिंदू के संग में छुआछूत करते हैं)

These images were also shared by Twitter user @Rajveer88724.

Several Facebook users have posted these images with a similar claim.

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Azad Samaj Party party member Himanshu Valmiki also posted one of the images.

Unrelated to the recent incident

Both the images were published by Yemen-based news outlet Adennet in October 2020. As per the report, the images are of a 14-year-old boy from Al Mahwit city who was beaten by his father. The image was uploaded by activist Ammar Al-Muallem on Facebook.

Alt News found Muallem’s Facebook post in which he sought capital punishment for the child’s father. Yemeni Ministry of Interior Security posted a press note in October 2020 that said, “Police in Al-Stoning Directorate in Al-Mahwit Governorate have arrested 40-year old “Rashid Muhammad Al-Qahili” for committing the crime of torturing his 14-year-old son.”

This image was earlier fact-check by AFP.

While these images do not represent the recent incident, the Muslim boy who was beaten for drinking water inside a temple also suffered injuries.


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