Fugazi: The Path of Most Resistance

March 16, 2021

Ron Jacobs

Washington in Afghanistan: How Long Must This Go On?  
Conn Hallinan

Day of the Drone
Justin Podur

India’s Right-Wing Government is So Hungry for Profit It Will Risk a Famine for the Country
Ralph Nader

Perfidy Meets Putty – Congressional Democrats Betray Voters
Thomas Klikauer – Norman Simms

University Spiralists and Aca-Zombies
Patrick Cockburn

Test and Trace is the Dead Elephant in the Room
Binoy Kampmark

Matters of Communication: Handelsblatting the Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine
Evaggelos Vallianatos

The Crushing Environmental Burden of Greek Tourism
Elliott MIller

When Scandal Preempts the Pursuit of Justice: a Review of MLK/FBI
George Wuerthner

The Institutional Bias of Forestry School Research
Elias Alsbergas

When Public Officials Get Rented Out by Corporate Power, the People Lose
David Swanson

Blinken, Biden, and the Blob
CounterPunch News Service

Centennial Mountain Heli-Skiing

March 15, 2021

Beth Geglia

Cuba Working on a ‘People’s Vaccine’: the US and the world should get behind it
Erik Molvar

Honor the Tribal Vision for Bears Ears National Monument
Sonali Kolhatkar

The Stockton Experiment: How a Guaranteed Income Can Actually Solve Inequality
Medea Benjamin – Nicolas J. S. Davies

Ten Problems With Biden’s Foreign Policy – and One Solution
Richard Rhames

Farming: A Dirty Truth
John Clamp

Myanmar: a Defiant Nation, Still Denied Justice
Stephen F. Eisenman

The Invisible Professor
Jeremy Ross

How a Colombian Ex-President Went to Bat for Trump in Florida
Bob Lord

The Simple Rules of Wealth Inequality
Karl Grossman

The Perils of Military 5G
Nick Pemberton

Love, God, and Bergman

Weekend Edition
March 12, 2021
Friday – Sunday

John Laforge

Fukushima at Ten: Aftershocks, Lies, and Failed Decontamination
Neve Gordon

The ICC and Israel’s Charge of Anti-Semitism
Kathy Deacon

No Matter How Bad, COVID Makes It Worse
Jeffrey St. Clair

Roaming Charges: Fear of a Black Prince
Paul Street

Unless the Power of the People Asserts Itself
Howie Hawkins

More on H.R.1/S.1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Eve Ottenberg

Leaving Afghanistan by May 1? Alas, Not Likely
Andrew Bacevich

Biden Defers to the Blob
Rob Urie

Police Violence, Racial Justice and Class
Lindsay Larris

Wolf Killing and the Legacy of Conquest
Kollibri terre Sonnenblume

The Necessity of Dismantling the U.S.—A conversation with Ajamu Baraka
Erik Molvar

Livestock and Deforestation in the American West
Richard C. Gross

Damn the Filibuster, Full Speed Ahead
Matthew Stevenson

Letters From Minsk: Leaving Home
Robert Hunziker

Direct Air Capture and Big Oil
Jonathan Cook

Like the Diana Story, Meghan’s Fight with the Royals will Ensure Nothing Really Changes
David Swanson

Brazil in the World
W. T. Whitney

Recurring Political Crisis in Haiti Connects with US Racism
Ramzy Baroud

Elections under Fire: Palestine’s Impossible Democracy Dilemma
Margaret Flowers

Attacks on Trans Rights Are Rising; Fight Back!
Pam Martens – Russ Martens

One Day After the Senate Hearing on GameStop Manipulation, Its Stock Puts on a Wild Show of Manipulation
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