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Mickey’s guest for the first half of this week’s show is Jordan Elgrably, editor of The Markaz Review. They explore the importance of free speech and a free press in an open society that are covered in this month’s issue, “Why Truth?” In the second half of the show, Project Censored’s Andy Lee Roth discusses his recent article in this issue about how nonhuman censors — algorithms — are exerting tremendous, yet unseen, control over which stories users of online media are able to see as well as the pernicious impact these new gatekeepers of information have on society in the digital era.


Jordan Elgrably, editor of the Markaz Review, is a widely-published writer. He was also the cofounder of the Levantine Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Andy Lee Roth is Associate Director of Project Censored, and coeditor of the Project’s annual volume of censored stories and other media analysis. His article on algorithms as media gatekeepers can be found here.

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