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One of the things we’ve learned during this challenging time of uncertainty, social isolation and civil unrest is the true importance of community. After traveling the world for more than 15 years and building a global community through music, PFC co-founder and producer Mark Johnson was able to spend time in his neighborhood, meet his neighbors and build relationships within his local community. Through this experience, Mark’s Park — a new music series featuring intimate performances by some of our favorite artists from around the world — was born. 
Filmed in front of a live audience in Mark’s backyard in Venice Beach, California, this series brings together the diverse group of people who call Venice Beach home in an effort to not only foster community but help support the homeless youth within the community. All proceeds from Mark’s Park will benefit our partner, Safe Place for Youth — empowering young people experiencing homelessness to thrive by providing lasting, community-driven solutions that address racial and social inequity.
Our first episode features Afro Fiesta’s Mermans Mosengo (vocals and cajon) and Jason Tamba (vocals and acoustic guitar) joined by Baby Ndombe (vocals and shaker), Chella Mputu (vocals), and Twanguero (electric guitar), bringing us the good vibes of Congolese rumba.
Join us from Mark’s home to yours, and together, let’s help those who don’t have a home.
Song listing:
1. Omesongo (written by Ndombe Opetum)
2. Simba Kongo (written by Jason Tamba)
3 Dieu est Amour (written by Baby Ndombe)