Headlines for May 20, 2021

Palestinian Death Toll Hits 231 as Israel Pounds Gaza Strip for 11th Straight Day, U.S. Blocks Gaza Ceasefire Resolutions at U.N. as Some Democrats Urge Halt to Israel Arms Sales, India Sets New Record High for Daily Coronavirus Deaths, New York City Restaurants Reopen at Full Capacity, European Union to Welcome Vaccinated Travelers, 35 House Republicans Defy Leadership, Vote in Favor of Commission on January 6 Insurrection, 107-Year-Old Viola Fletcher Recounts Horror of Tulsa Race Massacre in Congressional Hearing, Harrowing Video Shows Louisiana State Troopers Brutalizing Ronald Greene in 2019, North Carolina Jury Awards $75 Million in Damages to Brothers Wrongfully Imprisoned for 30+ Years, Texas Executes Quintin Jones, a Black Man, Rejecting Clemency Pleas from Victim’s Family, Emergent BioSolutions Reaped Millions in Federal Contracts But Has Yet to Deliver Any COVID Vaccines, Massive Ice Sheet Breaks Off Antarctica, Becomes World’s Largest Iceberg, Climate Activists Protest Shell Sponsorship of London Science Museum Exhibit, AOC, Bernie Sanders Join McDonald’s Workers’ Strike Demanding $15/Hour Minimum Wage

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