Headlines for May 24, 2021

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Holds as Gazans Face Grief and Destruction After Israeli Assault, India’s Official COVID Death Toll Passes 300,000, Latin America Tops 1 Million Deaths, Average of Daily U.S. Coronavirus Infections Falls Below 30,000 for First Time Since June, Biden Administration to Extend Temporary Protected Status to 100,000 Haitians in U.S., Belarus Uses Fake Bomb Threat to Divert Plane and Arrest Journalist Critical of President, Deposed Burmese Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Appears in Court for First Time Since February 1 Coup, Bangladeshi Journalist Rozina Islam, Who Reported on Corruption, Granted Bail After Arrest, Powerful Cyclone Grows East of India a Week After a Cyclone Killed at Least 140 in India’s West, 15 Dead, Thousands Left Homeless in Democratic Republic of Congo as Volcano Erupts Near Goma, Weekend Mass Shootings Around U.S. Leave 11 Dead, 69 Injured, Minneapolis Honors George Floyd, One Year After His Murder at Hands of Police Officer, “You Shouldn’t Be Able to Breathe”: Video Shows TN Man Asphyxiated with Officers’ Knees on His Back, Alden Global Capital Hedge Fund to Purchase Tribune Newspaper Chain

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