Headlines for June 1, 2021

Texas Democratic Lawmakers Stage Walkout Against Sweeping GOP Voter Suppression Bill, Peru Revises COVID Death Toll to Become Nation with Highest Per Capita Death Rate , WHO Calls for Pandemic Preparedness Treaty, Warning “The Pathogens Are Winning”, Tens of Thousands March in Cities Across Brazil Demanding Impeachment of Jair Bolsonaro, Colombian Police Continue Deadly Crackdown on Anti-Government Protests, China to Allow Married Couples to Have Up to Three Children as Birth Rate Continues to Fall, Bodies of 215 Indigenous Children Discovered at Canadian Boarding School, Israeli Opposition Parties Nearing Deal to End Netanyahu’s 12-Year Reign as Prime Minister, National March for Palestine Demands Congress and Biden Admin Hold Israel Accountable, Two Killed and Over 20 Injured in Florida Mass Shooting; Suspects Remain at Large, Pressure Grows for Democrats to End Filibuster as GOP Stonewalls January 6 Commission, At Pro-Trump Conference, Michael Flynn Calls for Military Coup Against U.S. Government, Arizona Plans Executions Using Same Poison Gas Used in Nazi Death Camps, Eric Riddick Released from Prison After Serving 29 Years for Crime He Says He Didn’t Commit , Illinois Lawmakers Pass Bill Barring Police Interrogators from Lying to Minors, Imprisoned Anti-Fascist Activist Says Prison Guards Allowed White Supremacists to Beat Him, Naomi Osaka Quits French Open, Citing Mental Health Challenges

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