Headlines for June 7, 2021

Sen. Joe Manchin Says He Won’t Support Voting Rights Bill and Will Fight to Keep Filibuster, G7 Ministers Back 15% Corporate Tax Rate Derided by Critics as Too Low a Bar, Brazilian Soccer Stars Suggest Postponement of Copa America Tournament as COVID-19 Rages, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Blames Looming Ouster on “Biggest Election Fraud in History”, Israeli Soldiers Assault Al Jazeera Reporter Amid Mass Arrests of Palestinians , At Least 132 Killed as Gunmen Raid Village in Burkina Faso, Nigeria Bans Twitter After President’s Threatening Tweet Is Deleted, Mexican President’s Party to Lose Supermajority After Midterm Elections Marred by Violence, Peru’s Presidential Runoff Too Close to Call, Colombian Social Leader Who Co-Signed FARC Peace Agreement Assassinated, VP Harris Visits Guatemala, Urging President Giammattei to Crack Down on Migration, Pope Stops Short of Apology for Church’s Role in Deaths of Indigenous Children in Canada, Judge Overturns California’s Assault Weapons Ban, Comparing AR-15s to Swiss Army Knives, North Carolina Teen Denied Diploma for Wearing Mexican Flag Over Graduation Gown

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