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As IMD forecasted heavy rainfall in parts of India, including Maharashtra, a video of a man purportedly disappearing after falling into a puddle of water has been shared on social media.

Some of these posts claim that the video was shot in Mumbai (there have been reports of waterlogging in parts of Mumbai due to pre-monsoon rains). Most others have posted a cautionary warning and requested people to share the video on every group.

The video is viral on both Facebook and Twitter. Alt News has also received multiple requests to verify the clip on the Alt News official mobile app (Android, iOS).

Digitally altered video

There are a few aspects one can observe in the video:

  1. The face of the man holding the umbrella has been obfuscated.
  2. The man leaves the umbrella even before he hits the puddle.
  3. The man does not react to falling.

Below is a GIF of the video from the website Tenor for the readers to watch the video on loop and analyse for themselves.

We have broken down the video into keyframes that highlight:

  1. The distance between his arms and T-shirt never change (yellow box).
  2. He didn’t even lift his left leg (pointed in red) before it vanishes into the puddle. It is almost as if he walked into the puddle.
  3. The shadow between his thighs (pointed in blue) also remains the same throughout. This shows that his legs did not react to the fall.
Click to view slideshow.

SM Hoaxslayer debunked the same video in September last year where the website uploaded a tutorial video to show how easy it is to create such clips on Adobe After Effects. We have embedded the same video below.

Hence, a digitally altered video that has been circulating on the internet since September 2020 was believed to be true.

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This content originally appeared on Alt News and was authored by Kalim Ahmed.


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